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Diagnosing Causes and Treating Shoulder Pain

One of the most debilitating types of pain is that which affects the shoulder. This isn't necessarily because shoulder pain hurts more than pain in other parts of the body. Instead, it's because it limits motion in a way that can render the entire arm all but useless. Fortunately, it can usually be treated without the use of drugs or surgery.

Man with shoulder pain needs chiropractic care.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Typically, shoulder pain is caused by injury to the joint. Such injury can arise from damage taken while playing sports, but often, it's the result of an accident such as a slip and fall. Landing on the shoulder can cause bruising, sprains and strains, torn rotator cuffs, and other such damage. Repetitive motion is another big cause of shoulder pain, so those who have to lift their arms all day at work are in danger of suffering from it.

As with many other types of pain, problems in the back can also be at fault. Pinched nerves that lead to the shoulder will often "sound off" not at the point of exit from the spine, but in the shoulder itself. This is called referred pain, and it must be treated at the actual point of injury instead of where it hurts.

How Chiropractors Treat These Pains

Treatment by a chiropractor in Puyallup starts with a thorough examination. During this exam, our chiropractor, Dr. Earle, will take a thorough history of the problem as well as your overall medical history. He will then feel the joint to help determine its status and see if there are any particularly sore spots. X-rays will be taken as well in order to help determine the exact source of the pain.

What happens next depends on what is found during this discovery process. If your pain started after a strenuous activity that you aren't used to, such as painting your ceiling, it may turn out that all you need is some therapeutic massage to increase blood flow, speed healing, and release pain-killing endorphins.

If you've suffered an injury from a fall, hard tackle in a game, or some other type of impact, you may need chiropractic treatment. In this treatment, your bones are carefully moved back into their optimal positions. Massage may accompany this treatment to help with the tense muscles that typically accompany pain.

In some cases, nothing will be found wrong with the shoulder. When that happens, the spine is the part that likely needs the treatment. Spinal manipulation, decompression treatments, and similar therapies are used to reduce pressure on the relevant nerve and stop the pain.

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