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Suffering from Neck Pain in Puyallup? Our Chiropractic Center Can Help

Patient in Puyallup in need of chiropractic care to alleviate neck pain

Here at Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab in Puyallup, we can provide chiropractic adjustments and other safe, natural therapies to help you get your neck functioning comfortably again. You may not think much about your neck until it starts to hurt -- but once you're suffering from severe, nagging neck pain, it's difficult to think about anything else. Whether you've sustained an acute neck injury or you're feeling the effects of chronic cervical spinal problems, you're probably anxious to avoid invasive surgery in favor of a more conservative but equally effective approach.

Injuries, Postural Problems and Other Neck Pain Causes

The most obvious and immediate causes of neck pain are acute injuries. Whiplash sustained in an auto accident is perhaps the classic example. When your head goes flying in an auto accident, the "whipping"motion it imparts to the neck causes hyperextension and hyperflexion injuries such as strained muscles, cervical vertebral subluxation and herniated cervical discs. Herniated discs not only cause neck pain; they can also impinge major nerve roots that relay signals to the hands and arms, causing pain, numbness and other odd sensations in those extremities.

Neck pain can also develop over a long period of time for a variety of reasons. Simple aging is often reason enough. Cervical discs that naturally lose water with age also lose height, compressing the cervical spine and stressing joints (leading to osteoarthritis). A chronic misalignment in the cervical spine can encourage the development of bone spurs that reduce the space surrounding the spinal cord, a potentially painful condition called stenosis. Chronic muscle strain is yet another cause of neck pain. A longstanding cervical imbalance or postural issue can result in painfully tight, overworked muscles. If you spend lots of time stooped over your computer monitor or smartphone, you may even have a form of occupational neck pain known as "text neck."

Chiropractic Treatment and Other Natural Solutions

Our Puyallup chiropractor, Dr. Earle, can evaluate your cervical spinal alignment, medical history, lifestyle, work ergonomics and other potential factors in your neck pain. Once the underlying cause has been found, we're ready to provide safe, non-surgical relief. Chiropractic treatment is a highly effective remedy for many neck pain triggers. Correcting a vertebral subluxation in the cervical spine can normalize joint function, take pressure off of nerve tissue and relieve muscle strain all at the same time. This form of healing is equally helpful for both acute injuries such as whiplash and chronic neck pain conditions.

Other conservative techniques can support chiropractic adjustment in relieving neck pain. For instance, our chiropractor may prescribe various forms of massage therapy to reduce pain and inflammation in the neck while promoting faster healing of injured tissues. Rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle/ergonomic changes can complete your recovery.

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