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It is getting more and more apparent that chiropractic and rehabilitation have become essential in the sports community. Many professional athletes and teams are embracing both chiropractic and sports rehabilitation, attributing their success and improved performances to these practices. Athletes such as golfer Tiger Woods; baseball player Wade Boggs; football players Joe Montana and Jerry Rice; mixed martial artist Rashad Evans; basketball player Charles Barkley; Olympian decathalon gold medalist Dan O'Brien; olympic volleyball gold medalists Karch Kiraly and Kent Steffes, and many others are regular chiropractic patients.
Dr. Earle is experienced in sports rehabilitation protocols for athletes of all ages and various sports. A common problem found with athletes is muscle imbalances. This means that due to repetitive actions, certain muscles of the body are overworked, and become too tight or too developed while other muscles are not worked at all and become weak. This creates a muscle imbalance and usually results in a sports injury. Examples are lateral epicondylitis for tennis players, medial epicondylitis for golf players, iliotibial band syndrome for runners, shoulders or elbow instability for baseball players, are some of the many. However, all these conditions cab successfully be treated with chiropractic and sports rehabilitation. By stretching the tight muscle and strengthening the weak muscles coupled with overall body conditioning (cardiovascular, core stabilization, proprioceptive exercises), the athlete is able to recover from injury quickly and reduce the risk for re-injury in their sport. With the aforementioned athletes stated above, through chiropractic and sports rehabilitation, their performance has become more efficient and improved.

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I always recommend Dr. Earle when people ask me where I go for my back care! No pressure or need to pre pay for months in advance. I just come when I need to and also get my wonderful massages from Krys! Love to feel papered and actually take care of myself once in a while:) Fantastic staff, all around!

Victoria F.
Puyallup, WA

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